Riddling Groves has been family owned and operated from the start!

The three generations of citrus growers, Bill Riddling Jr. and wife Stephanie, along with John and Cindy Riddling, and daughters (fourth-generation growers) Cheyenne Riddling and Laken Jones, have worked to expand the grove to nearly 1000 various citrus trees.


Riddling Groves has been family operated since being established. The grove was first planted in the 70’s with 34 Chinese Honey trees by Bill Riddling Sr. and his wife Pearl Riddling. When Bill Sr. was growing up living between Waverly and Winterhaven Florida, he spent many days before and after school, as well as his summers, working in the citrus packing houses, the groves, and delivering newspapers–whatever he could do to earn his pay, which was 15 to 25 cents per day. We are not certain if it was his early life experience in the citrus industry; out of necessity; the memories brought back by the scent of a grove in full citrus bloom; or the motivation of his wife Pearl that made him so passionately in love with the Chinese Honeys and the grove they planted. Whatever it was, it has been nothing less than inspiring. Many days while walking around or riding a tractor through the grove we can hear their whispers of wisdom on the breeze as they come through the trees. They are always missed and we are reminded of them daily.