Here at Riddling Groves we grow and harvest juicy sweet citrus throughout the year.  Everything we ship is grown, harvested and processed by us here at the grove in Melrose, Florida. We pick every day throughout the citrus season, making certain that your order is always fresh. Harvesting of our Chinese Honeys requires great care. Each one has to be individually cut from the tree by hand. This maintains the integrity of the fruit peel, ensuring the fruit inside will remain fresh.  It also protects the health of the tree by not leaving a “plug” from the fruit on the end of a branch that could cause disease or pest problems. Since we handpick all our citrus ourselves, we are able to monitor the health of the trees individually as the fruit is harvested.  After harvest, all the fruit is washed and dried before being made available for purchase.  We do not chemically treat to enhance color, or wax our fruit.  Each order receives our personal attention. Every day we go through the process of hand harvesting, cleaning and drying, ending with hand packing and shipping of your orders.  Riddling Groves only sells citrus that has been grown in our groves. We are a USDA approved citrus packing house.  We can ship citrus to anywhere in the Continental US, except for California.